Drain Unblocking

drainage-unblockingWhen your drains go wrong, it can be a complete nightmare. If you’re experiencing blockages, gurgles, slow water draining or bad smells coming from your drains, and you think something serious is wrong, it’s best to call in the experts. At Helensville drainage whether it’s drain cleaning or drain unblocking, we’ve seen it before, and we’ve fixed it before.

Why Are My Drains Blocked?

Blockages can be caused by a build up of fats, oils, grease or soaps, dirt, silt, leaves or foreign objects, or structural defects like roots, corrosion or subsidence. And whatever the cause, the consequences can be serious: bad smells, a collapsed sewer pipe or a toilet overflowing. The solution may involve removing an obstruction, drain cleaning or even repairing a structural defect.

Uncovering the Problem

If trying to unblock the drain isn’t fixing the problem, we may suggest carrying out a CCTV inspection of your drains to understand exactly what is going on. Our engineer will pass a camera through the drain, so they can see exactly what the problem is and recommend the necessary steps to fix this with a long-term solution to help prevent it happening again.

The Tools We Use

Whatever the problem, Helensville Drainage have all the tools we need to do the job. A problem caused by build up of hard scale, fat or grease can be broken down in seconds by high-pressure water jetting. Tree roots growing into your drain can be cut through and cleared with our electro-mechanical cleaning tools (cutters and blades fitted to rotating flexible cables).